Camera up Top

Quickly place and resize your camera, above other windows.

Easily resize and move your camera window. Keeps your camera the top-most window, ordered in front of all the other layers.

Have you been recording your screen and you want your camera to show too? But if you use some fancy compositing software, you can't see what your viewers see. So your face might be blocking an important thing you are showing. You have to remember to move your image by opening the config panel for that software to drag the camera feed around. Ugh.

Camera up Top solves this problem. With your camera on top, you see and move your image easily, the same way you move all your windows around, by clicking and dragging it directly around the screen while you look at it.

Camera up Top does not record or share your screen, it simply shows your camera on screen. Like a mirror. Use some other recording, streaming, or sharing software to share your desktop with others.

This simple app merely shows your camera to you. It's meant to be used with some other screen recording software like Quicktime or Zoom so that viewers of your content can see your screen and your face at the same time, without having to use OBS to layer your camera over the recorded screen.

Why can't someone just open Quicktime and not press record? Quicktime will not stay at the front layer when you click on an app. So if you are making a video to explain how to use another app, as soon as you click that app then Quicktime will be in the background. This app however is always in the foreground. Also you don't have to use the camera's aspect ratio, you can have easily make a square cutout by just resizing the window.